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For Seniors: Access an Online Program Through Your Laptop

By Nancy C. Muir

Online programs are complete applications that you can access with your laptop, from anywhere you have Internet access. The benefits of online programs are obvious — you save hard drive space on your laptop (because you don’t have to install the program there, or the files you create with that program) and you can easily share files.

Today, many programs are being made available online so you never have to install them on your laptop hard drive to use them. This makes it easy to access them from any computer (and not just your particular laptop). In addition, online programs allow you to store your files online as well — which means you can work on your files from anywhere.

A couple of online software sources that are popular today are Google Docs and Office Live. Both allow you to upload and share documents, as well as edit the documents online. Both these services allow you to create word-processed documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Google Docs also lets you create forms and drawings, while Office Live lets you also create One Note notebooks. One Note is a great tool for researching as you can cut and paste text into it, along with links that show the online source of the information.

Most online applications have a bit more limited functionality than their offline counterparts, (if any). However, online applications easily work with documents created in most other programs and they’re free!