How to Set the Orientation on Your Android's Display - dummies

How to Set the Orientation on Your Android’s Display

By Dan Gookin

Many apps on your Android, and perhaps the Home screen itself, can change their presentation as you switch the Android between portrait and horizontal orientations. You can lock that presentation, if you like. Heed the directions:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Choose Display.
  3. Choose Device Rotation. If necessary, tap the chevron by the Advanced item to locate the Device Rotation item.
  4. Select an option.

The options might include two or more of the following:

Rotate the contents of the screen. The device orients the screen to match whichever direction is “up.”

Stay in Portrait view. The device stays in Portrait view, the standard presentation on an Android phone.

Stay in Landscape view. The device holds to landscape presentation, which is standard for an Android tablet.

Stay in current orientation. The device remains in its current orientation.

If you don’t see any of these options, look to the Quick Settings drawer. A Rotation icon is found there, which lets you switch between freely rotating the touchscreen and locking it into one position or the other.

The Play Books app offers its own screen orientation controls, which make it easier (and more predictable) to read an eBook.