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What Happens When You Connect Your Android Device to a PC

By Dan Gookin

Upon making the USB connection between an Android and a PC, a number of things happen. Don’t let the flurry of activity frighten you. You may see drivers install. That’s normal Windows behavior when a new USB gizmo is connected.

You may also see a notification, such as the Windows 10 notification, shown here. Click or tap that notification to see how to deal with the new connection.

Windows 10 connection choice.

For example, choose Open Devices to View Files (not shown here, but it’s on the scrolling list of options). This choice opens a File Explorer window listing files and folders on the Android. Or you can choose Import Photos and Videos to quickly copy over pictures and videos.

  • The choice you make from the list of items is retained by Windows 10. The next time you connect your Android, that option is chosen automatically.
  • Other versions of Windows also display a list of actions, though they appear in an AutoPlay dialog box. As with Windows 10, if you select a specific item, that choice is always selected for you when the Android is connected.