How to Import Music from a Computer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - dummies

How to Import Music from a Computer to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

By Dan Gookin

It may seem odd, but when you look for music in the 21st century for your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you look to your computer, not to a stereo system. Even the once ubiquitous stack of CDs or shelf full of albums is now replaced by the humble PC. So why not purloin a few of the tunes stored there and copy them to your phone? Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect the phone to the PC.

    Use the USB cable that comes with the phone.

    If you have trouble, ensure that your phone is connected as a media player or uses something called MTP.

    Over on the PC, the AutoPlay dialog box appears in Windows, prompting you to choose how best to mount the phone into the Windows storage system.

  2. On the PC, choose Windows Media Player from the AutoPlay dialog box.

    The option may be labeled Sync Digital Media Files to This Device.

    If the AutoPlay dialog box doesn’t appear, start the Windows Media Player program.

  3. On the PC, ensure that the Sync list appears.

    Click the Sync tab or the Sync toolbar button to view the Sync list. Your phone should appear atop the list.

    If you have a MicroSD card installed in your Galaxy Note, you find two sync locations. Choose Card to save music to the MicroSD card; choose Phone to use internal storage. Either location is fine, but external storage (MicroSD or card) most likely has more room.


  4. Drag to the Sync area the music you want to transfer to your phone.

    You see a list of songs that appear in the Sync list. To add more, drag an album or individual song into the Sync list. Dragging an album sets up all its songs for transfer.

  5. Click the Start Sync button to transfer the music from the PC to your Galaxy Note.

    The Start Sync button may be located atop the list, or it might be found on the bottom, depending on the version of Windows Media Player.

  6. Close the Windows Media Player when the transfer is complete.

    Or keep it open — whatever.

  7. Unplug the phone from the USB cable.

    You can unplug the USB cable from the computer as well.

    • You cannot use iTunes to synchronize music with your Galaxy Note.

    • Another option for copying music is to use the Samsung Kies program.

    • The phone can store only so much music! Don’t be overzealous when copying over your tunes. In Windows Media Player, a capacity-thermometer thing shows you how much storage space is used and how much is available on your phone. Pay heed to the indicator!