Five Basic Techniques for Using the iPod touch - dummies

Five Basic Techniques for Using the iPod touch

By Tony Bove

Part of iPod touch For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Get the most from your Apple iPod touch by knowing some basic user techniques. From zooming and scrolling to e-mailing photos, using your iPod touch is a tad easier with these helpful tips.

  • Zooming (web page, photo, map): To zoom in, spread two fingers apart on the screen (unpinch). To zoom in to a column of text, double-tap. To zoom out, bring your fingers together on the screen (pinch), or double-tap.

  • Scrolling and switching screens: To scroll a list or screen, drag the screen with your finger or, for faster scrolling, flick the screen up or down. To switch from one screen to another, swipe the screen with your finger from left or right.

  • Editing text as you enter it: Touch and hold at the insertion or removal point in the text to see the magnifier, which magnifies portions of the text view. Before lifting your finger, slide the magnifier to the exact position for inserting new characters. You can then tap keys to insert text or use the backspace key to remove text.

  • Quickly typing a number and returning to letters: Touch and hold the .?123 key until the numeric keys appear, and then slide your finger across them to the number you want; release your finger to select the number. The keyboard reverts back to alphabetic keys so that you can continue typing letters.

  • E-mailing photos: To send a photo in an e-mail, tap the Photos icon on the Home screen and choose a photo; then tap the options button in the lower-left corner of the photo. (Tap the photo if the controls disappear.) Tap the Email Photo button to e-mail the photo. The New Message screen appears with the photo embedded in the message. You can then tap the message field to enter text and fill in the To and Subject fields.