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What You Can Do with iWeb in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

iWeb helps you organize your Web site to make it more attractive and easy to navigate. In iLife, iWeb provides professionally designed themes and templates for Web pages so that you don’t have to be a designer to create a well-designed site with a compelling first page.

iWeb is Web site design made easy. Just consider these features:

  • Simplified publishing: You can create Web pages and then publish your Web site without having to consult a Web genius. And, iWeb connects directly to MobileMe to publish your Web site, or you can publish it on almost any other host’s server.

  • Easy-to-use themes: You can cut the time it takes to design your Web pages by choosing a theme and then adding content. Every theme is supplied with fonts, backgrounds, and colors that give your pages a consistent look throughout your site. Every theme also comes with ready-made templates for the typical pages you find on a Web site. You can create as many pages as you need, and iWeb automatically creates navigation menus for every page.

  • Built-in multimedia tools and widgets: Put together graphical Web pages with photos and slideshows from iPhoto, songs from GarageBand and iTunes, and video clips from iMovie. You can even resize and rotate images as you add them. Use iWeb to add a blog that visitors can comments on, and interactive widgets that offer functions such as Google Maps, Google AdSense ads, feeds that deliver news from your favorite sources, and a YouTube video player. You can even have iWeb take a photo using the iSight camera and place the photo immediately on the Web page.

  • Many ways to link content: Hyperlinks form the backbone of the Web, enabling visitors to click and follow a link to any other Web page. Using iWeb, linking is a simple drag-and-drop affair: Drag a page’s link from Safari directly into your Web page. You can also add links to objects such as images, and links are included in widgets such as Google AdSense. Add an image that links to your MobileMe Gallery; you can pick the album to use as a slideshow within the image or use a video in the MobileMe Gallery to play a video within the image.

  • Quick site updates: After initially publishing a site, iWeb uploads only your changes when you publish again. And, you can easily notify Facebook friends when you update your site by using iWeb to link your site to your Facebook account so that your updates are noted in your Facebook profile.