Using iLife '11: How to Create a Disc with iDVD - dummies

Using iLife ’11: How to Create a Disc with iDVD

By Tony Bove

On most Macs with iLife, you find the iDVD icon in the Dock, but in any case you can find it in the Applications folder. Double-click the icon to open iDVD. The quick-and-painless method to start a project is to let iDVD help you: The Magic iDVD feature lets you quickly apply a theme and assemble the disc’s contents. You can then burn the result on disc or continue customizing.

Just follow these steps to create a project like magic:

  1. Click Magic iDVD.


  2. Enter the title of the DVD.

  3. Choose a theme for your DVD project.

    iDVD offers professional themes that you can use to create animated menus and submenus. Scroll the Theme Browser horizontally to see more themes, and click a thumbnail to select a theme. To see even more themes, click the 7.0 Themes pop-up menu and choose earlier versions of iDVD, or All to see all of them.

  4. Select a content type from the Media Browser.

    The Media Browser occupies the right side of the Magic iDVD window, with tabs for Audio, Photos, and Movies. Click Movies to see a list of your videos from iMovie and other (compatible) video files in your Movies folder. Click the triangle next to iMovie or the Movies folder to browse individual videos. Thumbnails for the videos appear below the browser’s list.

  5. Drag thumbnails of videos from the Media Browser to the Drop Movies Here area.

    iDVD lets you drag finished iMovie projects that were prepared for sharing in the Media Browser as well as folders and digital video files in your Movies folder.

  6. (Optional) To include iPhoto slideshows, click the Photos tab of the Media Browser, browse the photo albums and events, and drag thumbnails of albums or events to the project.


  7. (Optional) To add music or any recorded audio to your iPhoto slideshows from iTunes or GarageBand, click the Audio tab of the Media Browser, browse your iTunes library or GarageBand songs, and drag a song over each slideshow thumbnail in the project.

  8. Click the Create Project (or Burn) button.