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Using iLife ’11: How to Add Videos to Your iDVD Project

By Tony Bove

Before adding a video to your iDVD project in iLife, you have to browse and watch the videos you’ve already got saved in various locations on your computer. To browse your videos, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Media button under the list of themes to switch from the Theme Browser to the Media Browser.

  2. Click the Movies tab to see a list of your videos from iMovie and other video files in your Movies folder.

  3. Click the triangle next to iMovie or the Movies folder to browse individual videos.

To add a video selection to your DVD menu, choose Project→Add Movie or drag the video to any area of the menu in the Viewer that is not a drop zone. If dotted lines appear in the menu as you drag the video, move the pointer until the dotted lines disappear, and then let go to drop the video. (Dotted lines indicate a drop zone, which is part of the menu background.)

A button appears on the menu for selecting the video. To add more video selections to the DVD menu, simply drag more videos to the menu in the Viewer (although each theme has a maximum number of buttons that can appear on an individual menu).

Drag a video and a button appears on the menu.
Drag a video and a button appears on the menu.

To change the button title, or to change the DVD title, click inside the title in the Viewer and then edit it. You can choose a different font, typeface (style), and size from the pop-up menus underneath the title.

Edit the title of the DVD.
Edit the title of the DVD.

iDVD is quite forgiving if you do things you don’t like. You can undo just about every operation you perform, going backward. Just choose Edit→Undo for each consecutive operation to undo them.

You can save your iDVD project at any time by choosing File→Save. If you quit iDVD before saving a project, iDVD displays a warning dialog so that you can click Save to save the project.