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Set Up Your Own Domain for Your MobileMe iWeb Site

By Tony Bove

You can choose your own domain name to use with MobileMe.Before you can set up your site with MobileMe, you need to register your domain name: Visit an accredited domain name registrar on the Internet and register the name there. You will still publish to MobileMe, but you’ll use your domain name as an alias.

To help you use your registered domain name, MobileMe guides you through the process of changing the CNAME for your registered domain to — but you must first ensure that your registrar allows it. Some domain registrars require you to contact them first before making this kind of CNAME adjustment. Contact your domain registrar for more information.

If you can’t enable MobileMe to change your CNAME or can’t change it yourself, you can still publish to your own domain, as long as it’s hosted by a service provider.

To continue setting up your own domain with MobileMe, follow these steps.

  1. Choose File→Set Up Personal Domain on MobileMe.

  2. Enter your account name and password and click Log In.

    Add your personal domain to MobileMe.
    Add your personal domain to MobileMe.
  3. Click the Add Domain button, enter your personal domain name in the Domain Name and Confirm Domain text fields, and then click Continue.

  4. Follow the instructions to go to your registrar’s Web site (use a separate browser window) and enter your “www” CNAME.

    The CNAME for your domain is Be careful when you enter the domain name, because some registrars require a period at the end of it, as in “”

  5. Return to the MobileMe window and click Done.

    It may take as long as 48 hours for your registered domain to begin pointing to your MobileMe site.

After setting your domain name, publishing to MobileMe publishes directly to this domain name and provides all the features of a MobileMe-hosted site.