Navigating the iWeb Interface in iLife '11 - dummies

Navigating the iWeb Interface in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

In iLife, you create a Web site in iWeb by designing its pages, filling in the elements for each page, and then publishing the pages as a complete site. After that, you can edit the pages at any time and then update your site with the new pages. After you’ve designed a few pages, the iWeb window offers these elements:

The iWeb window and tools.
The iWeb window and tools.
  • Sidebar: The titles of sites and their pages appear in the Sidebar. Click a page title to display the page in the Canvas. Click the triangle next to a blog or podcast title to show or hide page titles within the blog or podcast, or the triangle next to the site title to show or hide page titles in a site.

  • Canvas: The Web page appears here. You can select elements to change and text to type over or edit. You also drag elements from the Media Browser to the Canvas to place them on a Web page. The Canvas is separated into regions for the navigation bar (which contains the navigation menu), the header at the top of the page, the footer at the bottom of the page, and the page body between the header and the footer.

  • Navigation menu: All pages in the site are placed as links on this menu. Visitors click these links to navigate to different pages in the site.

  • Toolbar: The tool buttons and controls appear on the toolbar.

  • Show/Hide Media: Click the Show Media button to open the Media Browser and then click these tabs:

    • Audio: Browse your iTunes library or GarageBand songs and add them to your Web page.

    • Photos: Browse your iPhoto library and drag albums, events, and keepsakes to Photo Album pages, or drag single photos to replace placeholder images or add them to pages.

    • Movies: Browse your iMovie videos and other video files in your Movies folder and add them to Movies or Photo Album pages.

    • Widgets: Browse widgets, such as Google Maps and YouTube, that are available in iWeb to place on your pages. Widgets are fragments of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) code that usually also include JavaScript code. You can add your own fragment of HTML code by choosing the HTML Snippet widget.

iWeb is quite forgiving if you do things you don’t like. You can undo just about every operation you perform. Just choose Edit→Undo for each consecutive operation to undo it.