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Dark Mode, New in macOS Mojave

By Bob LeVitus

Have you ever thought that the white background in most windows on your Mac was far too bright? Have you ever fiddled with brightness hoping to take it down a notch? I know I’ve gone as far as changing the background color of Finder windows to a dark shade of gray (View →Show View Options), even though it works only on windows using icon view.

In Mojave, such machinations are a thing of the past. Now it’s easy to reduce your screen’s brightness by enabling the new Dark mode. As you can see (top), Dark mode affects the appearance of windows, buttons, menus, and other interface elements.

Three windows and the menu bar in Dark mode (top) and in Light mode (bottom).

To choose Dark (or Light) mode, open System Preferences and click General. The first item you see — Appearance — is where you pick your mode.

Try changing the accent and highlight colors in Dark mode to achieve slightly different looks.

And that’s all there is to Dark mode. Try using it for a while. The more you use it, the better you might like it.