Image Access and Security for iWeb in iLife '11 - dummies

Image Access and Security for iWeb in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

The photos you publish to an iWeb site are out there for users around the world. Normally, visitors to your site can download photos from your iWeb Photos page, but you can control the size of the photos they download or even set the size to None to disallow downloading.

Follow these steps to adjust image settings on your iWeb Photos page:

  1. Select a photo on a Photos page and click the Inspector button on the toolbar.

  2. Click the Photos Inspector button (second from the left at the top of the Inspector window).

  3. You can then select a size (or None) from the Photo Download Size pop-up menu.

    Change settings for a photo album (left), slideshow (center), and video (right).
    Change settings for a photo album (left), slideshow (center), and video (right).

The Photos Inspector is also where you control settings for these features:

  • Subscribing via RSS: You can turn on the Allow Visitors to Subscribe option, which allows visitors to subscribe to an RSS feed of the Photos page.

  • Photo comments: If you want to allow visitors to leave comments attached to your photos in the album, turn on the Allow Comments option.

  • Slideshows: Click the Slideshow tab in the Photos Inspector to enable the Slideshow button for the Photos page so that visitors can play a slideshow of the photo album. you can also adjust these slideshow settings:

    • Choose a transition between slides on the Transitions pop-up menu.

    • Turn on the Show Reflection option to add a nice reflection of the image during the show.

    • Turn on the Show Captions option to show captions with each image.

    • Turn on the Full Screen option to allow visitors to see the slideshow in full-screen view.

    • Set a new background color the space around your images in the slideshow.