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iLife ’11: Select, Copy, and Paste Regions in GarageBand

By Tony Bove

In iLife, being able to copy and paste regions in GarageBand is useful: You can perform a task once and repeat it thousands of times. You can even copy multiple regions in different tracks at one time.

For example, if a set of regions for bass and drum tracks are perfect for a few measures and you want to use them throughout the song, you can select the regions and then copy and paste them. Because you can copy regions from multiple tracks at a time (as in a vertical selection of regions), you can copy entire sections of a song to another place in the song.

Here’s how to select, copy, and paste in GarageBand ’11:

  • Selecting regions: Click a region to select it, and Shift-click to select multiple regions. You can also select multiple regions at a time by dragging an imaginary selection rectangle around all the regions you want to select. As you drag from a point in the timeline, any regions intersecting your imaginary rectangle are highlighted to show that they’re selected.

  • Copying regions: To copy a region, select it and then choose Edit→Copy (or press Command+C).

  • Pasting regions: To paste the copy in the track at a different location in the timeline, move the playhead to the point where you want the copied region to start and then choose Edit→Paste (or press Command+V).

    To copy and paste multiple regions at a time, select the regions first, and then copy and paste them. If you hold down the Option key while dragging a region, you automatically make a copy of the region; when you drop the copy, it’s just like pasting it into the new location.

    After you paste one or more regions, the playhead moves to the end of the first pasted region, which is convenient because you can choose Edit→Paste again (or press Command+V again) to paste another copy right next to the first one.

  • Cutting and pasting regions: To delete regions from one location and paste them into another, choose Edit→Cut rather than Edit→Copy. However, simply dragging the selected regions to the new location in the timeline might be faster.

  • Deleting regions: You can delete a region by selecting it and pressing the Delete key on the keyboard or by choosing Edit→Delete. If you want to move all other regions to the left in the timeline after deleting the region, choose Edit→Delete and Move — all regions on the same track move left by the length of the deleted region.