iLife ’11: Removing Red Eye and Red Tint in iPhoto - dummies

iLife ’11: Removing Red Eye and Red Tint in iPhoto

By Tony Bove

You can easily remove red-eye from pictures by using the Fix Red-Eye tool in iPhoto. Red-eye is light from the camera’s flash, reflected back. Red-eye happens frequently with humans because red is the color of the eye’s retinal tissue. The red-eye effect is a common problem in flash photography — so common that many digital cameras come with built-in red-eye reduction.

Follow these steps to remove red eye by using iPhoto in iLife ’11:

  1. Browse your iPhoto library and select the thumbnail for the image, and then click the Edit tool on the toolbar.

  2. Zoom into the photo.

    Use the Zoom slider to zoom into the eyes. (You can click inside the navigation window that appears in the lower right corner of the iPhoto window to move the zoomed view around the image and then close the navigation window by clicking the circled x in the upper left corner.)

  3. Click the Fix Red-Eye button in the Quick Fixes pane.

    A circle with four handles then appears over the image as you move your pointer. The circle defines the area that will be changed.


  4. Do one of the following:

    * Click the Auto-Fix Red-Eye option. This option looks for the obvious red eyes in the image and reduces the red tint in them. However, it may not do the job the way you want — which is why you have a second choice.

    * Adjust the red-eye area size with the Size slider, and then click on the area to change. You can click your own areas to reduce the red tint — as close as possible to the actual red part of the eye — so that you don’t change any other part of the face.

  5. To apply the change, click Done.

The eyes may now be a lot darker than before, but at least they don’t look bright red.