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iLife ’11: How to Use the Arrangement Track in GarageBand

By Tony Bove

In iLife ’11, GarageBand offers a special Arrangement Track for defining vertical arrangement regions in a song, just as an arranger would define sections in a chart, and use labels such as Verse and Chorus for easy identification. You can then drag an arrangement region to move it or Option-drag to copy it to another part of the song.

For example, you can define a Chorus arrangement region with multiple tracks and copy the entire arrangement region to another part of the song, without having to select individual track regions.

Follow these steps to use the GarageBand ’11 Arrangement Track:

  1. To show the Arrangement Track (if it isn’t already visible), choose Track→Show Arrangement Track.

    A slim track appears above the first track with Arrangement as its title. By default, when you start a project, the Arrangement Track is showing.


  2. Click the Add Region (+) button next to Arrangement to add your first arrangement region.

  3. Click the selected arrangement region (if it isn’t selected, double-click it), and after the name is selected, type a new name for the region.

  4. Drag the arrangement region’s right edge to adjust it so that it covers the part of the song you want to include.

    The first vertical region starts at the beginning of the project, and each additional one you add starts at the end of the previous one.

  5. Continue to work your way across the timeline to define the entire song in arrangement regions.

As you work with an Arrangement Track, the following pointers can help you create the results you want:

  • Select an arrangement region: Click the arrangement region name in the Arrangement Track or Shift-click regions to select multiple ones.

  • Move regions: After selecting a region (or regions), you can then drag to move, or Option-drag to copy, the region to a new position in the Arrangement Track. The other regions make room at the point where you want to insert the moved or copied region.


    Moving or copying an arrangement region moves or copies all track regions and other items in the timeline covered by the arrangement region.

  • Replace an arrangement region: Simply Command-drag one arrangement region directly over another one.

  • Delete an arrangement region: To delete a region and its music track regions, select the arrangement region and then press Delete to delete the music in the timeline below the arrangement region so that it’s empty. Press Delete again to delete the arrangement region itself.

    When you move or delete an arrangement region, the rest of the song’s track regions to the right move left to fill the deleted section, closing the empty space.

    Copy the Chorus arrangement region and its music to another part of the song.
    Copy the Chorus arrangement region and its music to another part of the song.