iLife ’11: How to Order Prints from iPhoto - dummies

iLife ’11: How to Order Prints from iPhoto

By Tony Bove

You can order, directly from iPhoto, prints that are of much higher quality than prints you can make with a color printer. All you need is an Apple Store or iTunes account. Select the size and quantity of the photos to be printed and, in one click, transmit the photos from iLife directly to Apple. Your finished photos, printed on high-quality, glossy photographic paper, are mailed or delivered by express to you.

To order prints, you need to connect to the Internet. Then browse Events, Photos, Faces, Places, Recent collections, or photo albums in the Source pane, and select one or more pictures for ordering prints.

With your photos selected, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Share tool on the toolbar and choose Order Prints from the pop-up menu, or choose File→Order Prints.

  2. If this is your first time ordering prints, the Set Up Account window appears. If you already have an Apple Store or iTunes account, sign in with your ID and password.

  3. Enter the quantity of prints in the rightmost column of the Order Prints window for each print size, or choose one print size for all photos from the Quick Order pop-up menu.


  4. Click the Buy Now button to finish placing your order.

A low-resolution warning (an exclamation point in a yellow triangle) appears if a picture isn’t high enough in resolution for a particular print size. You can still order that print size for the picture, but the quality will probably be poor.