iLife ’11: How to Make Photo Books in iPhoto - dummies

iLife ’11: How to Make Photo Books in iPhoto

By Tony Bove

In iLife, iPhoto provides an automatic photo book layout capability that helps you assemble a book from a photo album, an event, or a selected set of pictures. You can then print the photo book on a color printer, use it as the basis for a slideshow, or order a professionally printed and bound version.

Your first step is to choose pictures for the photo book. Browse Events, Photos, Faces, Places, Recent collections, or photo albums in the Source pane, and select one or more pictures for the book. You can also select an entire event or a photo album to create a book of those pictures.

After selecting pictures or a photo album, click the Create tool on the toolbar, which turns into a pop-up menu — choose Book from the menu. The Photo Book Assistant appears in the Viewer pane.


Your first choice is the book type and size. Here’s how it works:

  1. Click Hardcover, Softcover, or Wire-Bound for the book type along the top of the Photo Book Assistant.

  2. Click the size icon (XL for extra large or L for large) in the lower left corner of the Photo Book Assistant.

  3. Choose a layout theme from the carousel-like menu in the center.

  4. (Optional) Click a color tile in the lower right corner of the Photo Book Assistant to change the background color of the book theme.

  5. To see more information about book ordering options and prices, click the Learn More button in the lower left corner of the Photo Book Assistant.

  6. After selecting a theme, click the Create button (or Cancel to cancel).

  7. Customize your book layout in the All Pages view.

    To display tools that let you customize your layout, just click directly on the page, a photo, or some text.

  8. Place your order for the photo book.