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iLife ’11: How to Choose Photos by Event in iPhoto

By Tony Bove

Browsing by event is probably the fastest way to find a group of pictures in iPhoto taken on a particular date. When you import pictures, iPhoto for iLife groups the pictures taken on the same date as one event; if the imported pictures span several days, an event is created for each day.

On many digital cameras and the iPhone and iPod touch cameras, you don’t have to enter the date for each picture — the date and time are recorded automatically when you shoot the picture (if you set the date and time on your digital camera). When you perform other import operations, such as files from your hard drive or from a photo CD or data DVD, iPhoto groups them as an event according to the date of the import operation.

Click Events in the Source pane to browse your entire library by event. Event tiles appear with names according to how they were imported — if you entered an Event Name while importing, that name is used for the title of the event; otherwise, the date is used.

As you browse photos by event, you can move around and check out your photos as described here:

  • Skim by event tile: As you move the pointer over an event tile (or skim it), thumbnail images of pictures for that event rotate into view in succession on the event tile.

  • Select an event: To select an event, click the event tile; a yellow border appears around the tile to show that it’s selected.

  • Resize event tiles: Change the size of the event tiles by dragging the Zoom slider (beneath the Viewer pane) to the right. The Zoom slider has an icon of a large photo on one side and a smaller one on the other.

    Drag the Zoom slider to make tiles larger or smaller.
    Drag the Zoom slider to make tiles larger or smaller.
  • Sort event tiles: If you don’t like the order the event tiles are in, sort your view of the tiles by date, keyword, title, or rating in ascending or descending order.

  • Scroll the Viewer pane: Use the Viewer pane scroll bar to move up and down the event tiles. If you’re sorting event tiles by date or title, the scroll bar guide appears in the middle of the window as you scroll, showing you the date or the first letter of the title of each event.

  • Open an event’s pictures: To open all pictures for an event, double-click the event tile. Thumbnail versions of the event’s pictures appear in the Viewer pane. Scroll the Viewer pane to see all thumbnails for the event, and then double-click a thumbnail to see an enlarged version of the picture.

    Scroll the Viewer pane to see thumbnails of the pictures for an event.
    Scroll the Viewer pane to see thumbnails of the pictures for an event.
  • Use the picture’s pop-up menu: Click the pop-up menu for a picture to rotate it, hide it, trash it, rate it, cut or copy it, edit it, or make a key photo (the one whose thumbnail appears in the event tile).

  • Move back and forth with the Viewer pane arrows: To jump to the next event from the thumbnails of an event, click the right-arrow button in the upper right corner of the Viewer pane. Jump back and forth from event to event by clicking the left-arrow button to move backward or the right-arrow button to move forward.

  • Sort event thumbnails: Sort the picture thumbnails for an event. Choose View→Sort Photos, and then choose By Date, By Keyword, By Title, or By Rating.