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iLife ’11: How to Attach iPhoto Pictures to E-Mail

By Tony Bove

E-mail is a helpful way to send an image in iPhoto to one person or a thousand people at the same time. You can even combine several photos and images in one e-mail, if they’re small: E-mail servers typically limit message size to about 5MB or 10MB. Adding one photo or image to an e-mail is easy and almost always works.

If you have an e-mail account and you’re ready to send a message, attaching a single photo or image with iLife is simple. Follow these steps:

  1. Browse and select one or more thumbnails for photo or images (but not video clips).

  2. Click the Share tool on the toolbar and choose Email from the pop-up menu (or choose Share→Email).


  3. Choose a theme for the e-mail message.

  4. (Optional) Choose Optimized or Actual Size from the Photo Size pop-up menu.

    The Optimized choice offers faster downloading; Actual Size offers higher quality.

  5. Add the To address, type text on the Subject line, and change your From address, if you want.


  6. Type text in the e-mail message.

  7. Click Send at the bottom of the e-mail message to send the message.

iPhoto creates an e-mail message encoded in HTML (the same type of code used for Web pages) and compresses the photo. However, some people don’t like to receive HTML-encoded e-mail, and sometimes you want to send the original uncompressed image. If you want to send the photo without HTML, or in its original file format with no loss in quality (and no compression), create a new e-mail message using your e-mail program (such as Mail) and leave its window open. Then switch to iPhoto and drag the thumbnail for the photo directly into the message window to attach the file.

If you want to use PDF as the file format (which is universal for viewing anything from a single photo to a slideshow or photo book; don’t share using the Email selection.