iLife ’11: How to Arrange Pictures in Albums in iPhoto - dummies

iLife ’11: How to Arrange Pictures in Albums in iPhoto

By Tony Bove

To see iPhoto pictures gathered into an album, click the title of the album in the Albums section of the Source pane. The Viewer pane shows only the photos you put in the album. You can organize and arrange the pictures within the album without having to wade through all pictures in your iLife iPhoto library.

The sequence in which your pictures appear in the album is important; it defines the order of pictures in a slideshow or a book layout. The order in which you drag pictures to the album defines its original sequence, but you will probably want to change this sequence.

To rearrange pictures in the album, follow these steps:

  1. Click the album title in the Albums section of the Source pane.

  2. Drag the thumbnail of a picture to a new place in the sequence, or select multiple thumbnails and drag them to a new place.

  3. Repeat Step 2 until all pictures are arranged as you want them in the album.


To use the same picture in more than one photo album, simply drag the thumbnail for that picture over one album, and then select and drag the thumbnail over another album. The picture appears in both albums without having to create duplicates and waste hard drive space.

You can also duplicate an entire photo album, in case you want to arrange the pictures in different ways. You don’t duplicate the pictures themselves, so hard drive space is not wasted. To duplicate an album, select the album title in the Album section of the Source pane and choose Photos→Duplicate (or right-click the album title and choose Duplicate). A new album is created with the same title and the characters –2 added to the title. You can then retitle the album, if you want.