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iLife ’11: How to Add Keywords to iPhoto Pictures

By Tony Bove

Keywords in iPhoto enable you to organize pictures by topic or other characteristics that likely appear throughout your iLife photo library. The larger your iPhoto library, the more useful keywords can be. After you assign keywords, you can quickly search and locate photos using the keywords.

For example, you can assign the keyword Birthday to photos related to birthdays and find all birthday shots in one search. All photos related to vacations can have the keyword Vacation assigned to them.

To add keywords, follow these steps:

  1. Choose View→Keywords to turn on the viewing of keywords in the Info pane.

    When this option is on, keywords also appear under the thumbnails while browsing by photo, after choosing an event when browsing by event, after choosing a location when browsing by place, and after choosing a face when browsing by face.

    At first, you have no keywords and the Add a Keyword line appears in the Keywords section of the Info pane.

  2. Click the Add a Keyword line and then enter a keyword into the keywords field.

    You can enter multiple keywords by pressing Return (or Enter) at the end of each one. As you type a keyword and press Return (or Enter), iPhoto encapsulates the keyword in an oval.


After you assign a keyword to a picture, iPhoto remembers the keyword so that as you move on to another picture and start entering keywords, a pop-up menu appears with previously entered keywords. You can then select the exact keyword you used before — and cut down on keyword typing mistakes and variations that would slow down searches.

To delete a keyword, click it. The keyword appears encapsulated; simply click it and press the Delete key (or choose Edit→Cut). You can also copy a set of keywords by clicking the first keyword and Shift-clicking the last in a sequence, choosing Edit→Copy, clicking in the keywords field of another picture to add keywords, and choosing Edit→Paste.