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iLife ’11 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

From ILife '11 For Dummies

By Tony Bove

To speed your work and save you time, iLife ’11 keyboard shortcuts are, um, key. That’s why you find collections of handy keyboard shortcuts for playing slideshows in iPhoto and iMovie, editing photos in iPhoto, and creating Web pages in iWeb. GarageBand in iLife ’11 offers shortcuts for recording and playing songs as well as editing tracks.

Control Playback of iPhoto and iMovie Slideshows

In iLife ’11, both iPhoto and iMovie enable you to play photo slideshows or movies with your keyboard. After you become used to keyboard shortcuts, you can play, pause, or keep your slideshows and movies moving with ease. All you need is an iPhoto slideshow or an iMovie video and a keyboard, and you’re ready to show off your iLife creations.

Key iPhoto iMovie
Esc Stop a slideshow Exit full-screen mode
Space bar Pause or resume a slideshow Play or stop movie, or start or stop video capture
Command+G Play selected event or project full screen
Up arrow Increase slideshow speed
Down arrow Decrease slideshow speed
Left arrow Move backward a slide in a slideshow Move playhead back one frame
Right arrow Move forward a slide in a slideshow Move playhead forward one frame

How to Edit iPhoto Slideshows with Keyboard Shortcuts

When you create an iPhoto slideshow in iLife ’11, these keyboard shortcuts can help you add, delete, copy, organize, and otherwise arrange your photos just the way you want them. When your creative work is done, use the keyboard shortcut for exporting photos to finalize your iPhoto slideshow.

Key Function
Command+Z Undo last action
Shift+Command+Z Redo last action
Command+D Duplicate photos
Shift+Command+I Import photos
Shift+Command+E Export photos
Command+N Create new album
Shift+Command+N Create new album from selection
Command+X Cut photos
Command+C Copy photos
Command+V Paste photos

Edit iWeb Pages with Keyboard Shortcuts

An iLife ‘11 iWeb page is just a blank window until you start editing it to add content. When you add and format text, these iWeb keyboard shortcuts help you polish the look of it in no time. Simply select the text you want to format and use the keyboard shortcut to issue the desired command in iWeb. The instant results are almost as magical as the Internet itself.

Key Function
Command+Option+I Show or hide the Inspector
Shift+Command+L Show or hide layout
Command+T Show or hide Font panel
Shift+Command+C Show or hide Colors window
Command+ + Make selected text bigger
Command+ – Make selected text smaller
Shift+Command+ { Align text flush left
Shift+Command+ } Align text flush right
Shift+Command+ | Center text
Option+Command+C Copy paragraph style
Option+Command+V Paste paragraph style
Shift + Return Insert a line break
Command+ Return Turn off text editing and select text box

Play and Record in GarageBand with Keyboard Shortcuts

GarageBand, which comes with iLife ’11, gives you great flexibility for recording and playing back songs, dialog, or whatever you want to record. But with great flexibility comes options, options you can execute quickly in GarageBand with the following keyboard shortcuts. After you use them a few times, your hands might start zipping around the keyboard like a DJ at the turntables on a Friday night.

Key Function
Space bar Play from the playhead or stop the currently playing song
Right arrow Move playhead forward in small increments
Left arrow Move playhead backward in small increments
Option+Right arrow Move playhead forward in larger increments
Option+Left arrow Move playhead backward in larger increments
Home or Z Move playhead to the beginning
R Start or stop recording
C Turn the cycle region on or off
Command+U Turn the metronome on or off
Command+Shift+U Turn the count-in on or off
M Mute/un-mute the selected track
S Solo/un-solo the selected track (that is, hear an instrument

Lay (And Edit) Tracks in GarageBand with Keyboard Shortcuts

The ability to add and edit tracks in GarageBand, part of the iLife ’11 suite of software, is the heart and soul of GarageBand’s flexibility as a sound editor. You can create new tracks, move them around, and more with handy keyboard shortcuts. Whatever you record onto your tracks in GarageBand, these shortcuts for working with tracks are sure to help you create something your audience wants to hear.

Key Function
Command+Option+N Create new track
Command+D Duplicate the selected track
Command+Delete Delete the selected track
Up arrow Select next higher track
Down arrow Select next lower track
L Lock/unlock the selected track
Command+I Show or hide track info
Command+B Show or hide master track