iLife ’11: Exporting iPhoto Pictures as a Web Page - dummies

iLife ’11: Exporting iPhoto Pictures as a Web Page

By Tony Bove

In iLife, you can export one or more pictures as a Web page — a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) page with thumbnail versions of the images that link to larger versions — directly from iPhoto. If you already have a Web site, you can use your usual method of uploading the page to your site. The iPhoto Export function doesn’t use layouts such as iWeb — its no-frills design is simple and easy to modify using any HTML editing program.

To publish a Web page of pictures by using the Export function, follow these steps:

  1. Browse your library and select one or more thumbnails of pictures to export.

  2. Choose File→Export.

  3. Click the Web Page tab.


  4. Customize the page layout.

    You can specify the number of columns and rows for the page, a page template (Plain or Framed), and the background color and text color. The Web page uses thumbnails as links to larger photos. You can specify the size (Max Width and Max Height) of thumbnails in the Thumbnails section and the size (Max Width and Max Height) of the larger image in the Image section. You can also choose to show each picture’s title, description, tags (metadata), and location.

  5. Click the Export button and save the page on your hard drive.

    The main page with thumbnails, and its associated photos, are saved in files ready to be uploaded to your Web site. You can open the pages in a Web browser, even though they exist only on your hard drive until you upload them to your site.