iLife '11: Create, Merge, and Split Events in iPhoto - dummies

iLife ’11: Create, Merge, and Split Events in iPhoto

By Tony Bove

iPhoto lets you create new events, merge existing events, or split events into two after you’ve imported the pictures. iPhoto events are different from albums and projects: You can copy the same photo to different albums and projects, but a picture can be part of only one event, even though you can move a picture from one event to another in iPhoto for iLife.

Creating an event in iPhoto

To create an event using one or more selected pictures, select the pictures first and then choose Events→Create Event. You can then see the new event by clicking Events in the Source pane.

You can flag a bunch of pictures first and choose Events→Create Event from Flagged Photos.

Merging events in iPhoto

Merging two events is easy: Simply drag one event’s tile over the other.


A message appears asking whether you want to merge them. Click Merge to merge the events into one, or click Cancel.


Splitting events in iPhoto

To split an event into two events, follow these steps:

  1. Browse the existing event to show its thumbnails.

  2. Select the pictures you want to move to the new event.

  3. Choose Events→Split Event.

    iPhoto creates a new event with the selected photos, leaving the unselected photos in the existing event. Both events are displayed under their titles, with the new event titled “untitled event”.

  4. Retitle the event by clicking its title and typing a more descriptive one.

You can automatically split one or more events that include merged events from other days by selecting the event tiles and choosing Events→Autosplit Selected Events. iPhoto separates the pictures into separate event tiles for each day.