iLife ’11: Create and Play an iPhoto Slideshow - dummies

iLife ’11: Create and Play an iPhoto Slideshow

By Tony Bove

iPhoto slideshows look great on computer displays, and by using laptops to connect directly to video projectors, you can put on shows that are nothing like your grandfather’s slideshows. Not only do the images look fantastic, but you can also set them to music, fade between each image, mix video clips with still images, repeat the slideshow in a loop endlessly, and generally make an iLife slideshow look as good as a professional slideshow in a boardroom or kiosk.

Follow these steps to create a slideshow with a particular selection of images in mind:

  1. Select the pictures to use for the slideshow.

    You can browse and select thumbnails in the Viewer pane while browsing or select one or more events in Events, one or more locations in Places. Or, you can select the most recently browsed event, Last Import, or Flagged in the Recent section of the Source pane, or any photo album, any MobileMe, Flickr, or Facebook album, or any project.

  2. Click the Slideshow tool in the toolbar.

    The Slideshow tool looks like a CD player Play button. After you click Slideshow, the first image fills the screen and the Themes, Music, and Settings browser appears on top.


  3. (Optional) Choose a theme and some music for the slideshow, and change its settings.

    The first time you play a slideshow of the selected album or pictures, the Themes, Music, and Settings browser appears.

  4. Click the Play button in the slideshow settings (or Cancel).

    After you click Play, the slideshow starts. iPhoto remembers the theme, music, and settings so that you don’t have to choose them the next time you click Slideshow.

  5. Control playback with the slideshow controls.

    The slideshow control panel appears whenever you move the pointer during a slideshow. Click the Pause button in the control panel to pause the show, and the button changes to a Play button; click the Play button to resume. Click the left arrow on the control panel to go to the previous slide, or the right arrow to go to the next slide — or press the left- or right-arrow keys on the keyboard.

    You can also pause the slideshow by pressing the spacebar. To resume playing, press the spacebar again. To stop the slideshow, click the circled x on the right side of the control panel (or press the Esc key).

    Control slideshow playback.
    Control slideshow playback.
  6. Save or export your slideshow.

If your slideshow doesn’t look as good as you expect, check your display settings.