How to Share iPhoto Pictures with MobileMe in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

You may already use MobileMe with your Mac and iLife applications — the service not only offers the iDisk hard drive on the Web for storing files but also pushes new e-mail, contacts, and calendar events to an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. What you may not know is that MobileMe also offers the Gallery section for sharing pictures with other people — they can view your iPhoto pictures using any current Web browser and, if you give permission, download pictures and even contribute (upload) some of their own.

To create a new album or to add photos or images to an existing album in your MobileMe Gallery, follow these steps:

  1. Browse and select one or more thumbnails for pictures.

  2. Click the Share tool on the toolbar and choose MobileMe Gallery from the pop-up menu, or choose Share→MobileMe Gallery.

  3. From the pop-up menu, choose New Album to create a new album or select an existing album to add the photos or images to.


  4. If you chose New Album, type an album name for the new album.

  5. To control the privacy level of uploaded pictures, change the Album Viewable By option from Everyone to Only Me, or choose Edit Names and Passwords to add the names and passwords of people you want to allow access to your album.

  6. (Optional) Set the Allow options to allow the downloading of photos, uploading of new photos, and e-mailing of new photos by other people.


  7. (Optional) Set the Show options to show photo titles and an e-mail address that other people can use to upload photos.

  8. Click Publish to publish the pictures (or Cancel to cancel).

You can view the albums you’ve uploaded to a MobileMe Gallery by clicking your MobileMe account name in the Web section of the Source pane. You can then select the album and manage its pictures and album information.

You can also view the album in MobileMe from your browser by clicking the album’s Web address at the top of the Viewer pane after selecting the MobileMe Gallery album.

Manage the album in your MobileMe Gallery and edit its information.
Manage the album in your MobileMe Gallery and edit its information.

You can invite people to view your MobileMe Gallery albums by clicking the Tell a Friend button, which creates an e-mail message with a link to your MobileMe Gallery. You can also find the link in the upper left corner of the MobileMe Web page displaying the album or at the top of the Viewer pane by selecting the MobileMe Gallery album.