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How to Set Up an FTP for Your iWeb Site in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has been in use since the late 1970s, and iLife uses it to enable you to publish your iWeb site to any service that supports FTP for the domain you’ve established at that service. This method is probably the most universal for uploading a site.

Before publishing your site, you need to set up FTP. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the site’s name in the Sidebar.

  2. Choose FTP Server from the Publish To pop-up menu.


  3. Change your site’s name, if you want.

  4. Add your e-mail address if you want an Email Me button to appear on your site.

  5. Fill in the FTP Server Settings.

  6. Enter the username and password you use for the service provider, and enter in the Directory/Path field any special directory or path for the site.

  7. If your service provider offers the options of FTP with Implicit SSL, FTP with TLS/SSL, or STP, choose it from the Protocol pop-up menu.

    Otherwise, leave the pop-up menu set to normal FTP.

  8. If your service provider requires that you use a specific port number, enter the number in the Port field.

    Otherwise, leave the port number set to its default value.

  9. Enter the website’s domain name or root for the URL of your site in the Website URL section’s URL field.

  10. Test your FTP connection by clicking Test Connection, which can save time spent debugging any site publishing issues.

After entering your FTP server settings and website URL, you can publish the site by clicking the Publish Site button on the toolbar. (You can also choose File→Publish Entire Site or File→Publish Site Changes to publish only the changes.)