How to Make a Video Podcast in iLife 11's GarageBand - dummies

How to Make a Video Podcast in iLife 11’s GarageBand

By Tony Bove

Creating a video podcast episode in GarageBand ’11 is similar to creating an audio podcast episode, except that a Movie Track (with video clips) is substituted for the Podcast Track and doesn’t include artwork. In iLife ’11, you can drag an iMovie project or another QuickTime-compatible video file from the Media Browser to the project, view the video as you add more audio, and add and edit markers as you would do for an audio podcast episode.

A project can have either a Podcast Track or a Movie Track, but not both. As you drag a video from the Movies pane of the Media Browser, GarageBand asks whether you want to replace the Podcast Track with a Movie Track. Click Replace to turn the episode into a video episode. (You lose any existing markers and artwork.)

A podcast project holds only one video file. If you drag another video into a project that already has one, a dialog appears, asking whether you want to replace the existing one with the new one. If you want to combine multiple videos in a single video podcast episode, combine them in an iMovie project first.

After you drag a video to the project, the Movie Track appears at the top of the timeline, showing still frames from the video. To preview the video, click the Preview button (the large, square button showing a movie frame) in the header of the Movie Track.

If the video includes an audio track, a new Real Instrument track named Movie Sound appears below the Movie Track for the video’s audio. You can adjust settings and edit the Movie Sound track exactly as you would edit any Real Instrument track. You can also record narration exactly the same way as in an audio podcast episode, add sound loops, and record into Real Instrument and Software Instrument tracks.