How to Crop Images in iPhoto in iLife ’11 - dummies

How to Crop Images in iPhoto in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

Cropping an image in iPhoto enables you to keep only a rectangular portion of the photo and remove its outer edge. You can crop an image in iPhoto to frame it better and show only what you want it to show; and combine cropping, straightening, and rotating to show only part of an image at the proper angle.

Cropping is often better than stretching or resizing a photo, because the pixels within the cropped area don’t change. In iLife, you can use cropping to

  • Get rid of areas you don’t want. You can eliminate the outer portions of a photo to remove wasted space, crop out an ex-boyfriend who shouldn’t be in the picture, or remove the fuzzy outline of a car window in a photo shot from a car.

  • Focus on the subject. By cropping a photo, you can adjust where your subject appears in the frame of the picture, drawing more attention to your subject and improving its overall composition.

  • Constrain the photo to fit a specific proportion. You can use the Constrain feature to crop an image to a specific proportion. Using the preset choices from the Constrain menu guarantees that the cropped image fits nicely in the format you need.

To crop an image in iPhoto, follow these steps:

  1. Browse your iPhoto library and select the thumbnail for the image, and then click the Edit tool on the toolbar.

  2. Click the Crop button in the Quick Fixes pane.

  3. (Optional) Click the Constrain option and choose a format from the pop-up menu.

  4. Drag any corner or edge of the cropping rectangle to crop the image, or drag from the center to move the cropping rectangle.


  5. Click Done to finish (or Reset to start over).