How to Change the Layout of an iWeb Page in iLife '11 - dummies

How to Change the Layout of an iWeb Page in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

In iLife, every iWeb page layout template has text boxes for the header, title, body text, and footer. The header appears at the top of the page and starts with placeholder text, such as My Blog or Welcome to My Site. The Title box is usually just above the Body box, and the Footer box appears at the bottom of the page. You can change virtually any element in this layout, and as you do so, the following pointers can help you make the page your own:

  • Tinker with text boxes: As you replace the placeholder text in any of these boxes, the box grows to accommodate the text. You can see the region boundaries of these text boxes by choosing View→Show Layout. You can drag any boundary to resize the text box.

  • Rearrange page elements: You can also drag any page element to any position on the page. To align page elements on the page, select two or more elements and choose Arrange→Align Objects, and then choose Left, Center, Right, Top, Middle, or Bottom.

    Change the size of the header text box.
    Change the size of the header text box.
  • Color the background: To change the page background, choose Color Fill, Gradient Fill, Image Fill, or Tinted Image Fill from the Page Background pop-up menu and then choose a color from the color swatch, a starting and ending color and angle for a gradient fill, or an image from your hard drive.

  • Revise” the Mac branding in the footer: Most themes include the Made on a Mac logo in the Footer box at the bottom of every page template — you can select and then delete the logo (if you want) by pressing the Delete key or choosing Edit→Delete.

  • Fill in the footer: To add text to the footer, first add a text box, and then press Command as you drag the text box from the body of the page to the footer.

  • Resize the header and footer: You can set the minimum height of the Header or Footer box by clicking the Inspector button on the toolbar to open the Inspector window, clicking the leftmost button (Page Inspector) at the top of the Inspector window, and clicking the Layout tab. Then you can change the height of the header and/or footer.

    Change the page layout attributes.
    Change the page layout attributes.

    To add a header or footer to a page that doesn’t have one, increase its height (in the Layout pane of the Page Inspector) to a value greater than zero; to remove the header or footer, decrease its height to zero.