How to Add Graphics to an iWeb Page in iLife '11 - dummies

How to Add Graphics to an iWeb Page in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

In iWeb, you can quickly assemble graphical Web pages with elements from other iLife applications: photos and slideshows from iPhoto, songs from GarageBand and iTunes, and video clips from iMovie. iWeb also comes supplied with shape graphics you can add to a page, or you can add photos and graphics of your own.

To add a snazzy shape to your page, just click the Shapes button on the toolbar and choose a shape.

After you add a shape, you can modify it: Click the Inspector button on the toolbar to open the Inspector window, and then click the Graphic Inspector button (the circle-in-a-square icon at the top of the Inspector window). The Graphic Inspector lets you change attributes such as these:

  • Line thickness

  • Shadow color and angle, as well as its offset, blur, and opacity: (Opacity determines how transparent your graphic is, or whether it’s even transparent.)

  • Opacity of the graphical element against other objects behind it.

  • Color of the element (the background fill).

  • Size, rotation, and position of the element: The Metrics Inspector is your tool for each of these tasks. Click the Ruler button at the top of the Inspector window.

    • In the Size section, the width and height of the element can be adjusted by using the up and down arrows. Click the Constrain Proportions option if you want to adjust the size without distorting the shape.

    • The Metrics Inspector also lets you position the element precisely on the page with X and Y coordinates in the Position section.

    • You can rotate the element to any angle by dragging to turn the Rotate knob. You can also flip the element horizontally or vertically by using the Flip buttons in the Rotate section.

      Rotate the graphical element on the page.
      Rotate the graphical element on the page.

After adding the graphical element, you can easily add a text box on top by clicking the Text Box button on the toolbar and dragging the element into position.

You can place an image or photo anywhere on the page where there’s no placeholder graphic. (You can select the placeholder and press Delete to delete it if it’s in your way.) To insert a image or photo in a standard iWeb page, drag its file from the Finder to the iWeb page.