How to Add an Autoplay Video to Your iDVD Project in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

You might want your iDVD project to start with a short video clip, slideshow, credits, or a production company logo before showing the main menu. An iDVD autoplay video clip or slideshow lets you do this; it starts playing immediately after the DVD is inserted in a DVD player or computer, before showing the main menu. To add an autoplay video clip or slideshow in iLife, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Map View button under the Viewer (the Flowchart icon).

    Map view displays a flowchart of your DVD project. The first project thumbnail before the main menu in this flowchart is the blank Autoplay thumbnail for adding an autoplay clip or slideshow.

  2. Browse videos or slideshow photos in the Media Browser and drag a video or a set of photos to the Autoplay thumbnail.

    Add an autoplay video clip or slideshow in Map view.
    Add an autoplay video clip or slideshow in Map view.

    Videos with chapter markers can be navigated by pressing the Next or Previous buttons on the remote control.

    If you added a slideshow or a single photo, you can double-click the Autoplay thumbnail to open the Slideshow Editor.

  3. If you want the autoplay to continually repeat, turn on looping by clicking the Autoplay project icon and then choosing Advanced→Loop Movie or Advanced→Loop Slideshow.

    You might want to burn a DVD with only an autoplay video or slideshow: If you set the autoplay content to loop, it plays continuously, like a kiosk, with no need for menus. Creating a project with just an autoplay video or slideshow can be useful for presentations that require little or no viewer interaction.