Edit iWeb Pages with Keyboard Shortcuts - dummies

Edit iWeb Pages with Keyboard Shortcuts

By Tony Bove

Part of iLife ’11 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

An iLife ‘11 iWeb page is just a blank window until you start editing it to add content. When you add and format text, these iWeb keyboard shortcuts help you polish the look of it in no time. Simply select the text you want to format and use the keyboard shortcut to issue the desired command in iWeb. The instant results are almost as magical as the Internet itself.

Key Function
Command+Option+I Show or hide the Inspector
Shift+Command+L Show or hide layout
Command+T Show or hide Font panel
Shift+Command+C Show or hide Colors window
Command+ + Make selected text bigger
Command+ – Make selected text smaller
Shift+Command+ { Align text flush left
Shift+Command+ } Align text flush right
Shift+Command+ | Center text
Option+Command+C Copy paragraph style
Option+Command+V Paste paragraph style
Shift + Return Insert a line break
Command+ Return Turn off text editing and select text box