Copying an iDVD Project - dummies

By Tony Bove, Cheryl Rhodes

You can arrange and rearrange your menus to your heart’s content, but don’t forget to save the project before quitting iDVD. Choose File –> Save Project to save a project. You can also make another version of a project by choosing File –> Save As, typing a new name for the project, and choosing a destination folder for the project.

Like iMovie, iDVD organizes the content it uses by project, with a project file named something like Vacation and Tour.dvdproj. The difference is that iDVD does not copy the source media files, such as movies, songs, and photos — the project file contains links to these files on your hard drive. If you have already backed up your source files, you may need to only back up the iDVD project file.

If you move, delete, or rename your source media files, you will have to show iDVD where they are the next time you open the project. iDVD displays a dialog box that asks for help in finding the source media file(s) on your hard drive.

On the other hand, if you need to make an archive copy of the entire project, or transfer the project to another computer, use the Archive Project function of iDVD that gathers all the source files, including videos, and stuffs them into one project file. Choose File –> Archive Project, and select a location for the .dvdproj file. You can then copy or transfer the entire project to another computer.