Control Playback of iPhoto and iMovie Slideshows

By Tony Bove

Part of iLife ’11 For Dummies Cheat Sheet

In iLife ’11, both iPhoto and iMovie enable you to play photo slideshows or movies with your keyboard. After you become used to keyboard shortcuts, you can play, pause, or keep your slideshows and movies moving with ease. All you need is an iPhoto slideshow or an iMovie video and a keyboard, and you’re ready to show off your iLife creations.

Key iPhoto iMovie
Esc Stop a slideshow Exit full-screen mode
Space bar Pause or resume a slideshow Play or stop movie, or start or stop video capture
Command+G Play selected event or project full screen
Up arrow Increase slideshow speed
Down arrow Decrease slideshow speed
Left arrow Move backward a slide in a slideshow Move playhead back one frame
Right arrow Move forward a slide in a slideshow Move playhead forward one frame