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Choose a Theme and Page Template for Your iWeb Site in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

A theme defines the look of the Web site you create in iLife. Each time you add a new page to your iWeb site, you choose the page’s template. Every iWeb theme offers templates designed for specific purposes, such as a blog, a podcast, or a photo album. You can change the theme and template for a page at any time.

Theme thumbnails appear in a column along the left side of the opening dialog. Select a theme to see the templates for that theme on the right side of the dialog.

If you decide later to change the theme for a page, just select the page in the Sidebar, click the Theme button on the toolbar, and choose a new theme from the pop-up menu.

Every theme offers these templates for different types of Web pages:

  • Welcome: Offers one or more images and some welcoming text. Think of it as the first page or “billboard” for your site.

  • About Me: Helps you easily create the typical About Me, About Us, or About This Company page that explains who you are, with photos and text.

  • Photos: Includes a grid that automatically resizes and positions each photo as you add it, and provides for each photo a placeholder caption that you can easily replace with your own caption.

  • My Albums: Lets you easily add photo or video albums. It creates an index page of images that a visitor can move the pointer over to see a mini-slideshow or video, or click to see the entire photo or video album.

  • Movie: Offers a video placeholder that includes player controls. All you need to do is drag in a video, change the page text, and you’re done.

  • Blog: Shows the most recent entry first in a journal of entries, followed by previous entries. This template offers a layout with Previous and Next buttons to jump from one blog entry to another and lets you add new entries to your blog, delete entries, and maintain an archive.

  • Podcast: Similar to a blog, except that each “entry” is an MP3 audio file or MPEG-4 video file, and you can subscribe to a podcast via the iTunes Store. This template offers a layout similar to the Blog template, with Previous and Next buttons to jump from one podcast episode to another, and it lets you add new episodes to your podcast, delete episodes, and maintain an archive.

  • Blank: Nearly blank, but it still offers the theme graphics and text placeholders so that you can quickly modify the text. You can then drag media elements to the blank page and arrange the elements in any layout you want.

Choose a template to create a page. After you choose a template, the page appears in the iWeb Canvas. You can then change the page’s placeholder text and images.

Choose the Welcome template for a welcome page.
Choose the Welcome template for a welcome page.

As you create pages, you don’t need to add links for visitors to navigate them within your site — iWeb automatically adds a navigation menu for all pages you create in your site.