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Change the Navigation Menu on Your iWeb Site in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

The page templates for iWeb themes in iLife include a navigation menu with links to other pages in the Web site. The navigation menu is created automatically on every page, with links to some or all of the other pages. The size (depth) of the navigation menu depends on the number of links.

When you add a page to the site, a link to the page is automatically added to the navigation menu. But you can choose, page-by-page, whether the newly added page should be included in the navigation menu or removed. For example, you may have more pages than you want to include in the navigation menu (which in some templates can hold only about six to eight links without growing too large).

To remove a page link from the navigation menu, follow these steps:

  1. Select the newly added page in the Sidebar.

  2. Click the Inspector button to open the Inspector window, and click the leftmost button (Page Inspector) at the top to show the Page Inspector pane.

  3. Click the Page tab in the Page Inspector pane.

  4. Deselect the Include Page in Navigation Menu option.

    Turn the navigation menu on or off.
    Turn the navigation menu on or off.

    You don’t have to put the navigation menu on every page — you may want to use custom navigation elements on some pages. while you’re here, you can also remove the navigation menu from the page. Just deselect the Display Navigation Menu option.

If you change a page’s name, iWeb also changes the link in the navigation menus on the pages where the menus appear.