Change a Text Button’s Appearance in an iLife ’11 iDVD Project

By Tony Bove

DVDs offer menus with buttons that viewers click to play movies and slideshows. In iLife, some iDVD themes offer text buttons, and some offer buttons in shapes that can play miniature videos and slideshows. You can change and customize the appearance of any button in any theme.

To change the appearance of menu buttons, follow these steps:

  1. Select one or more buttons and then click the Buttons button under the Theme or Media Browser to show the Button Browser.

    For themes that use text buttons, the Buttons Browser shows the text styles first.

    Set a text style for a button.
    Set a text style for a button.
  2. Select a text style for the button.

  3. To see what the button looks like to a viewer of the DVD, click the Preview button under the Viewer.

    A preview of the menu with the button set to the new text style.
    A preview of the menu with the button set to the new text style.
  4. As you move the pointer over the button the way a viewer would, the button shows the new text button style.

  5. Click the Exit button in the remote control to return to the iDVD window.

You may want to experiment further. To try other button styles, choose a type of button from the pop-up menu at the top of the Buttons Browser — choose Bullets or Shapes for different bullet styles and shapes. If you prefer a button style that shows video or photos, choose Frames, Artistic, Rectangle, or Rounded.