Adjust Dates and Times for iPhoto Pictures in iLife ’11

By Tony Bove

You can change the date and time for each picture in your iPhoto library. Changing the date for a picture doesn’t move it to another event — it simply changes the picture’s information. If you sort the picture thumbnails for an event by date, changing the date also changes the way the picture sorts.

To change the date and time for a picture, follow these steps:

  1. Browse your library by event, photo, face, or place and select the picture’s thumbnail.

  2. Choose Photos→Adjust Date and Time.

    A dialog appears, which displays the picture and its original time and date, along with an Adjusted field to change them.


  3. Click part of the date (such as the day) or time in the Adjusted field, and then click the up or down arrow to the right of the Adjusted field to change that part.

  4. Select the Modify Original Files option to change the tag information within the picture’s file to the new date and time.

    Leave this option deselected if you want to change the date and time for a duplicate or edited copy of a picture but not the original picture.

You can change the date and time for multiple selected picture thumbnails all at one time, as a batch operation. Select the thumbnails, and then choose Photos→Batch Change. The Batch Change dialog appears. Select Date from the Set pop-up menu in the Batch Change dialog to display the date and time. You can then change the date and time in the same manner as for a single picture, and you can also select the option to add one or more seconds, minutes, hours, or days between selected pictures.