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Identifying Key Events in an Agile Scrum

By Mark C. Layton

Even within an adaptable agile development model, you must have meetings. A scrum includes four key meetings called events that provide opportunities for the scrum team to organize, evaluate, and adjust:

  • Sprint planning meetings: Take place just before each sprint starts. In sprint planning meetings, scrum teams decide what goals, scope, and tasks will be part of the fixed sprint backlog.

  • Daily scrum meeting: Takes place daily for no more than 15 minutes. During the scrum meeting, scrum team members make three statements:

    • What the team member completed yesterday

    • What the team member will work on today

    • A list of items impeding the team member

  • Sprint review meeting: Takes place at the end of each sprint. In this meeting, the development team demonstrates to the stakeholders and the organization as a whole the accepted parts of the product they completed during the sprint.

  • Sprint retrospective: Takes place at the end of each sprint. The sprint retrospective is an internal team meeting in which the scrum team members (product owner, scrum master, and development team) discuss what went well during the sprint, what didn’t work well, and how they can make improvements for the next sprint. This meeting is action-oriented (that is, frustrations should be vented elsewhere) and ends with tangible improvement plans for the next sprint.