What is Mercer Match? - dummies

By Roberto Angulo

Mercer Match, powered by Pymetrics, is an impressive tool that lets you learn more about yourself through games. You can play these games for free on your laptop or on your smartphone through an app you can download. Underlying these games is decades-long neuroscience research that helps you identify top skills and traits as you complete the various games.

To use Mercer Match, just go to the website, register for an account, and log in and start playing games!

You can go through a series of games that will test for various attributes. In one example, you get to inflate balloons. With each pumping of the balloon, you get some money. But if the balloon pops, you lose the money you’ve accumulated. One of the attributes tested here is your propensity for risk. Are you willing to risk the balloon popping to try to maximize your gain or will you take the conservative approach and only pump the balloon a few times?

After you’ve played for a period of time, you’ll get a report that shows you your top traits. More important, and more useful, you’ll get a list of top career matches, as shown. In this case, the top three matches were Sales and Trading, Accounting, and Project Management.

Seeing your results and top traits on Mercer Match.

Take the top career matches recommended by Mercer Match and plug them in the search box of your favorite job board to see what jobs and internships you find.