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How to Use AfterCollege’s Explore

By Roberto Angulo

AfterCollege’s Explore is one of these career discovery tools that uses big data to help you discover relevant jobs you may not have known about. One of the most common frustrations for college students and recent grads is not knowing what jobs to search for or apply to. This is why the team at AfterCollege created Explore, with new job seekers in mind.

The tool takes your school, major, and grad year to give you a basic set of job recommendations. These suggestions are based on jobs that have been reviewed by other job seekers from your school and major or from similar programs. As you give feedback on jobs you like and dislike, Explore learns from you and keeps tailoring recommended jobs to you.

To use Explore, just follow these steps:

  1. Go to AfterCollege.
  2. On the home page, under Explore Curated Jobs, enter your college or university, major, and graduation date.
  3. Click Show Me Jobs.

You’ll be taken to Explore, as shown here, which presents you with job or internship recommendations, depending on your graduation year, based on your educational background.

Job recommendations from AfterCollege’s Explore tool.

The first thing you’ll notice is a graph of the jobs being recommended to you grouped by job category. You can like or dislike entire categories and Explore will include more or less of those types of jobs.

Initially you may agree with some of the recommendations but not with others. That’s because Explore gives you suggestions as best it can based on your background, which it uses to compare you with other similar students who’ve used Explore and have rated jobs. As you give more feedback, Explore will get more personalized to you and the recommendations will get better and better.

You can click on the left of the chart shown here and also rate entire states or cities and specific employers.

Rating recommended jobs on AfterCollege Explore.

As you give feedback, the list of recommended jobs gets updated. Scroll down to see actual jobs. You can also rate these jobs individually by clicking on the smiley face if you like the job or the frowny face if you dislike it, as shown. You can also specify why you like or dislike the job.

You don’t need to register to use Explore. However, if you do, you’ll be able to save your feedback and come back to it later. You’ll also get recommendations emailed to you.