Use a CRM System to Maintain an Active Contacts List for Your Job Search

By Joshua Waldman

With the hundreds of online interactions you’re likely to engage in during your job search, keeping a record of all the e-mails exchanged between you and a particular contact, how you met, and any follow-up you should do is incredibly helpful. You may need to review these things in the future to help further your current search.

Plus, these days, you also need a way of staying current with all your contacts’ social media updates, not just from LinkedIn. Enter contact relationship management, or CRM. A CRM system is a software-based tool that stores interactions, organizes contacts, manages to-do lists and possible opportunities.

Here are a few CRMs to investigate that could help you in your current or future job searches:

Contacting everyone in your network at least once a quarter is a great way to stay connected, and a CRM system can help you remember to do that. It can also aid you in recalling which relationships require your attention. Set reminders in your calendar when it’s time to scan your network for people who may need some attention.