Top Cool Careers Web Sites - dummies

By Marty Nemko, Richard N. Bolles

Part of Cool Careers For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When searching for your cool career, you have to be extremely thorough. Add these websites to your list of resources when mapping out your job search:

  • The Riley Guide ( is the best portal for those trying to choose a career.

  • Job-Hunt ( is the best portal for those who have a career goal and now are trying to land a job.

  • is another useful site. Hey, the government may be the last bastion of job security, so why limit yourself to the Feds?

  • Eureka ( is a fee-based site that helps you identify your skills and interests, and then provides detailed information on well-suited careers.

  • and are fee-based sources of scuttlebutt on careers and individual employers.

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Publications ( offers definitive (but boring) profiles of hundreds of careers and industries.

  • Small Business Administration ( offers extensive information on starting, financing, and managing your business.

  •,, and estimate salary for hundreds of occupations, adjusted by zip code.

  • U.S. News’s Career Center ( has some of the smartest career advice on the Net.

  • The author of Cool Careers For Dummies, Marty Nemko’s website ( has 500+ published articles.