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Running For Local Office For Dummies

Published 08-20-2019

Get ready to run for—and win—that local election!

In the land of opportunity, just about anyone who qualifies as an elector can seek public office. Some do it on a whim, some are urged to run, and some want to use their time and talents to make a difference in their local community. 

If you want to know how to prepare for a run, which steps to take beforehand, and how the process goes from announcement to campaigning to election day to the swearing-in ceremony—this book has you covered.

  • Find out what it’s like to run for local office as a first-time candidate
  • Explore the introspection required and the study necessary to make such a run effective
  • Deal with marketing, fundraising, interacting with the public, and dealing with opponents
  • Encourage and help others to make a run for local office

Though only one person ultimately wins a seat, nobody does it without a wide network of support. Running For Local Office For Dummies is your ticket to navigating every step on the road to winning that election.  

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