Showcase Notable Sports and Hobbies as Job Experience and Skills

By Roberto Angulo

Sports and hobbies are also important to show on your résumé and profile. In fact, many employers look to hire athletes for sales-related roles because some of the traits that athletes have are the same ones that make salespeople successful.

This table illustrates some of activities that can give employers a hint of your qualities and attributes.

Sample Activities with Related Traits

Activity Relevant Traits
Sports Teamwork, competitiveness, drive, commitment, strength
Team captain or manager Leadership, ambition, strength
Cooking Attention to detail, creativity, outgoing
Ballroom dancing Creativity, stamina, outgoing, art appreciation
Track and field Competitiveness, strength, endurance
Martial arts Discipline, strength, art and cultural appreciation
Juggling Coordination, creativity, discipline
Playing a musical instrument Creativity, mathematically inclined, discipline

Whatever your hobby or special interest, even if it’s participating in hot-dog-eating contests, include it. What you do shows a bit of who you are, and it gives the employer an idea of the qualities you have to do a job well.