Publish Video Materials for Your Job Search - dummies

By Joshua Waldman

If you have any video footage of yourself in a professional capacity, consider posting it online to help your job search. Why? Because YouTube, a video-sharing website, is the second-largest search engine in the world. Vimeo, another video-sharing site, seems to rank even higher than YouTube, according to

If you have only raw footage, consider producing a commercial of sorts about yourself. Check out this example.

When publishing an online video, try to edit your raw footage down to three- to five-minute chunks.

After you’ve collected and edited your old video footage, make sure you post it to as many video-sharing sites as you can. OneLoad, which allows you to post one video to 20 different sites all at once (including YouTube and Vimeo), makes publishing easy. Visit for more details.

Google doesn’t search content in the video itself. The power of posting online video is in the description, category, and tags that you assign to the video when you post it online. To help boost your online reputation, be sure to use your full name in the description and in the tags.

YouTube now allows you to post a transcript of a video for closed captioning. When you do this, Google can index the video more thoroughly and increase your chances of ranking.