Publish Photos for Your Job Search - dummies

By Joshua Waldman

Google’s search results page is of the utmost importance during your job search. It has become more and more multimedia oriented over the years. A results page used to be a simple list of links to websites, but now you can choose from images, videos, maps, and social networks. So when you post photos of yourself, you’re increasing your likelihood of ranking in Google.

In order for Google to correctly index and serve an image, the image needs to have a proper description. Creating a description for an image depends on the image-sharing tool you use. Here are two great photo-sharing sites you can post images of yourself to:

  • Flickr: Flickr is a photo-sharing site frequently indexed by Google. The site allows you to create a free account and then upload images. When you upload images of yourself, use your full name in the title of the image and in the description area.

  • Google+ Photos: Google+ offers a photo sharing service that was built for headshots. When you upload a photo, the program allows you to name the face. You simply click the individual photo and name your face. Doing so adds a meta tag to the image. Google uses this tag to identify and index it.

    It’s also smart enough to recognize that your name is associated with your face and semantically tag other photos it indexes.