How to Network by Going to Alumni Events - dummies

How to Network by Going to Alumni Events

By Roberto Angulo

Alumni are an effective channel that can help you get a job, especially that first job. But how do you connect with them? You can do it online via LinkedIn, but you can also do it with a more personal touch like the following:

  • Alumni events: Annual reunions tend to bring alumni back to campus. Check with your alumni association or career center about any upcoming mixers for students and alumni.
  • Alumni houses: Some of the big universities tend to have regional alumni offices or houses around the world. If this is the case with your school, check with the local representative to see if they have any opportunities to connect with alumni.
  • Fraternity and sorority events: Not everyone was in a fraternity or sorority in college, but if you were, then this is a network of individuals who can also help you. Don’t be shy about asking for help or leads.
  • Tailgaters: These are also a great opportunity to meet alumni. Although they’re social events, you can take the opportunity to get to know people and ask them about what they do. You can mention casually that you’re looking for opportunities.

Do you belong to any alumni email lists or groups? If so, send your résumé along with a detailed note asking if anyone knows of opportunities available for someone with your school and major.