How to Write Blog Posts in a Half Hour or Less - dummies

By Joshua Waldman

Using social media to help aid your job search can be a grueling, and sometimes painstaking, long process. Try using tips and guidelines to help make the best use of your time.

When you know the basic elements of blog style writing, you can put them all together into a strong, easy-to-write formula. You could break it into chunks and write ten blog posts in one sitting. If you follow this formula, you’ll probably be able to finish a single blog post in just 30 minutes.

  1. Start by clearly identifying which audience you’d like to read your post and what problem your post will solve for them.

  2. Write a compelling headline.

  3. Write your hook.

  4. Describe the problem your audience faces.

  5. Provide your analysis of the causes of that problem.

  6. Offer a solution, preferably something unique and actionable. Here, you can provide a series of steps the reader can take.

  7. End with a call to action.

These guidelines are general so that you can modify them for any given topic. It is also a quick reference list (notice step 6) that you can glance at quickly to continue using your time in the best possible way.